Thursday, December 29, 2011

Samuel's birthday and bedroom!

Happy 7th birthday to a very special boy.  This was a wonderful day and I'm so glad. So thankful to the friends who came last minute to celebrate with him, so thankful to a husband who continues to endure all the painting and decorating with me to make his room come together, so thankful for kids who appreciate things, so thankful for a gorgeous afternoon and this slew of awesome kids. I feel so blessed for every child in this picture, that they are friends to my kids. They're seriously terrific!

It was a Star Wars day. Not a great day for frosting but you gotta roll with it right? 
So Samuel prayed for nearly a year ". . .and please help me get the Clone Turbo Tank. . ." The cost just seemed ridiculous, especially since Samuel doesn't really play with his legos that much. He'll spend 10x's those hours using the paper he also got. BUT, persistence does pay off because Matt and I searched and went in with Gram for a brand new off Craig's list set. It was worth the effort just for the scream and the face that came when he opened it. He'd kind of given up after I pointed out a few months ago(thinking there's NO WAY we can afford that) that is was for ages 9 and up and maybe when he was 9 etc etc. He was/is SO happy and his brothers are just as excited for him, as were his friends. Love Kaiser's face:)

 OK, NOW FOR ROOM REAVEAL #2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bum, ta, ta DUM!
So the colors look a little funny in this picture. I was so worried about doing both but it had to be done:) I'm quite pleased with how it came out. Daytime jungle/animal scenes on half, night time space(Star Warsish) on the other half. Samuel loves it as you can see from the pictures he insisted in posing in.

We still need to redo his dresser-he's insisting it should be dark green. MMmmm. Maybe we'll concede if he agrees to forget about painting the doors dark green. That's too much:) Notice all the Clone Turbo Tank pieces. The boys had to shelf it until tomorrow so the little boys could get some sleep.
He's posing That print says 'Keep Calm and a Jedi you will Be'. Matt and I thought that was only too appropriate for Samuel. It's got Yoda w/ a lightsaber. The color is also perfect to tie the blue and green together, I wish I'd done the curtains a lot differently though. I think they should tie the room together more but he likes them so I'll leave them for a while at least.

His constellation chart above his art wire.

Samuel the Lamanite hero print.

These two boys make it all worth it!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Day Bliss

Alena opened the first gift of the day and only thing that was opened before our 9am meetings.
She looked so beautiful.

And after church Brigham finally got that candy cane he's been waiting for 'Santa Cwaus' to bring him for so long. Among way WAY too many other sweets he devoured that day. What was Santa thinking loading that stocking for a 2 yr old.

Sweetly, it was his brothers that gave him his favorite gifts
'Mater, Wighting Queen, and piwates'.

Luke loved his K'nex Roller coaster from Gram and Poppop.

They played together all day.

I love having girl toys in the mix!

The creativity that my kids displayed for the Christmas gifts they made eachother and the gifts they enjoy using made me so happy.  I was one happy Mamma. And the best part is that we will enjoy many more Christmases like this because it is just what we love. Being together and sharing. It was so fun to play with my kids.

Christmas Eve at the Stecherbush

Ready for Santa!

Alena's first sponge curlers. 
We locked all the unwrappables in the gameroom so they wouldn't have
the bluk of their Christmas surprises spoiled before church. The door was "stuck".
That grey shelf 'Santa' made for Samuel for his room.

Another two projects are the refrigerator and refinishing that Craig's List desk.
And the last project of the night is Samuel's animal tree for his room.
I can't wait to get the room painted and move it all in. I hope it looks as good put together
as it has in my imagination!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ready for Christmas #5-? a bunch.

K, I love these! Alena's apron is the ruffley girl one, Brig's is the man apron complete with a big pocket. There are two oven mits as well. Aren't they cute? They match the kitchen set!

I had a wonderful lady Matt used to work with give me a box full of old National Geographic maps. I mounted three of them, actually one's framed, for the boys rooms. The heavens is for Sammy's room.

This ship diagram and the bird migration map are for Luke and Eli respectively. I found a killer deal on the frame for Eli so his isn't really a project, I just framed it but Sam's and Luke's are mounted on foam board.

These are #10 cans covered and decopaged in National Geographic Maps for the boys to organize their things in. Eli and Luke's.

Here are Sam and Brighams. They're magnets with stuff glued to them so they can also rearrange the faces etc. I have smaller sizes too. Good for stones and glass and leaves and all the fun things my boys store up(used gun shells . . .)

Sammy's curtains for his and Brigham's room. They're a little odd but I think they'll look good in his window when all is said and done. I was just trying to save money and didn't buy enough of the more expensive fabric which I regret but I think it will be good.( I know you can't see the picture at all really but it's a galaxy pattern.)

Here are Eli and Luke's curtains. The fabric was more expensive than I usually do so they were a splerge, but they will really pull the room together so I don't regret it at all. Realistically, $16 for curtains with just barely enough leftover to make some sort of pillow someday is quite reasonable but our budget and all we're trying to squeeze out of it was a little strained.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Projects #3 & 4!

Here's the Star Wars bunting for Samuel and Brigham's Room.
It looks much better in person. It's AWESOME!
I downloaded the Star Wars font, got some sparkley felt(that's what you can't really see in the picture), bought some cheep walmart shiney silver fabric-sewed/glued it all together. It looks really cool. Notice the Jedi symbol in between?

Here's The dress-up Cart Matt made. Ikea mirrors, hooks, and really cute octapus hanger thing. I'm so excited for the kids to have an organized place to put their dress-ups and on and on. They'll love seeing what they have and checking themselves out in the mirrors.

Love our Ward

I am so thankful for the ward we moved into. People in our ward are so incredibly amazing. The cookies and treats we've been given are absolutely astounding. There are so many talented people who just go all out. So many kind people. People who are older even who one would think would be completely overwhelmed at the very idea of watching my crew who offer over and over. SO MANY. I am truely blessed. (This was done by the Pope Family who also run Cub Scout Day Camp every year and whose husband is the YM Pres. and works with Matt)
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Our house the week before Chirstmas

Sorry the pictures are all wacked again.
 Even this picture doesn't do justice to the creation of that bird on the right. Samuel has small hands, tiny little hands, that bird can fit on the tip of my finger. When Samuel creates things like this I stand in awe and everything I believe about life and our Divine Creator is confirmed.

 Brigham glories in lego building, stuffed animals, especially bears, and being a pirate.

Boys aren't dressed yet, but they've spent at least 2 hrs this morning creating. The project pictured is carving and cutting wood. Too bad they're making swords that they have to keep hidden from their mother who loves to throw away sharp objects that she finds in the yard.

Finished Christmas Project #2

Matt finished this last night c/o a nice plumber who donated the faucet we've been seeking out. I think they're going to be extremely excited. I wish I had a before picture of the piece of furniture before we reformed it. It's even cuter in person because the green color isn't so putrid as in this picture.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Project #1 Done!

I must take a minute to celebrate an actual completion. Things are such this holiday(again:)) that we are either making or buying off Craig's list for 90% of Christmas for the kids. So for about $3each I made these Christmas PJ's. We have several works in progress and it's stressful wondering if/how we'll finish everything.  It's also a lot of fun seeing things come together and working with Matt even if my body is ever so tired every night. At least I don't have insomnia:)! Aren't they cute though. My family is sure growing.
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Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Spirit of Christmas

So our Christmas decorating has begun. Christmas cards are almost ready to be sent out, and we've got the Christmas music on but until very recently I was just not feeling it.  It was too darn warm outside and that's thrown off my rhythm.  We took a quick trip to the zoo tonight for Brigham and I was a little disgruntled b/c of several things and on top of that, a cold front came in and suddenly I was freezing and contracting and having to walk in wet in flipflops blah. I didn't pout or anything but my insides were certainly frowning. Matt got everyone singing Christmas Carols on the way home and it really lifted my downs. It was wonderful, one of my favorite things. But the best part of my season this year came when we got home. Eli said "I don't really pick my favorite songs by the words or the tune. I like the ones that make me feel the spirit." I asked him which ones made him feel the spirit and he said "The last song that we sang[Oh Come All Ye Faithful] really made me feel good."
I will be thinking of that all season. My boys aren't very emotionally descriptive. I don't think they've ever said anything like that but that statement was a compass for me. They're headed in the right direction. My son knows what the spirit feels like and it makes him happy. Christmas songs made him feel the spirit and he was able to share that with his brothers and sister and myself. That's the only gift I'll need this year.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Stonely's

She wants to be 5. Not 7, not 4 anymore but 5. She made her cupcakes herself to her absolute delight. She only liked dessert, "chicken"(turkey), and sort of the frog-eye salad at dinner, she had a perfectly happy day and feels oh so lucky that she had a birthday on Thanksgiving. Her only complaint was that she couldn't have her friend Aspen at her "party". Next year my dear, next year.
This year she got to celebrate with our good friends The Stonely's who were so generous to have us over amidst their wood floor installment! It was a nice time. I'm doing better, I actually got a couple of pictures, unfortunately, they aren't really that great. This is the memorable "now it is finally time to have dessert" announcement to the 10 men/boys in the house. They almost imploded waiting.  There was also lots of flag football/football type games, wrestling going on in the backyard and Stecher/Stonely adults were pretty much just happy to sit and eat real food sans enfants and not decorate rooms, cook, or put in flooring!  Here's to completed, or nearly completed projects and the gratitude we have for strong bodies, houses and the means to make them into homes to raise children in!Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Alena's room revealed! Surprise and Happy Birthday!

I apologize that all the pictures are bunched. They weren't showing up after I posted so I deleted and readded and didn't get a chance to rearrange so you'll have to search for what I'm referring to. Sorry!
Here's Alena's room.  I'm so happy with it. It's really my first decorating project since I started trying to learn to do it and I think that I pleased my client:) It was all done with her in mind. Her favorite part is the fairy bower and then I think her lamp. She's very happy though.
 Everything in the room we had to do/buy/make/refinish in some form or another. Matt's dresser that he made for her is beautiful. I hope the pictures look better at your house. I'm not sure why they look so bad on my computer tonight.

 She looks pretty excited here:) You can see the boys' contributions to her birthday. Eli (and Luke helped a bit as did Samuel) made that little doll house for her. You can't see it but it's fully furnished with books, games, curtains, people and even fold down stairs etc. It's pretty amazing. They also made her birthday poster that's clipped to her art display wire. I left many of the frames on her wall blank so she could fill them with her art work. She's constantly trying to decorate with her art so here's a great opportunity for her.

I know she'll also love those cushions. They're soft and perfect for snuggling, setting table in the fairy bower or whatever. I sure love my little ray of sunshine. She deserves all this and more. She's always trying to beautify our home in so many ways and I'm thrilled that we gave her a space of her own that is fancy and pink and femine. The Lord surely must've sent her that way for a good reason. We needed her!