Saturday, May 31, 2014

I love to see the Temple-so close to home

Check out this amazing group of activity girls from our ward. Alena is technically not old enough yet but for this activity, the girls turning 8 this year were all invited. Alena was pretty excited.

Meet Joan of Arc

I signed Alena up to participate in a History Fair. She really would've preferred Laura Ingalls Wilder who is her favorite FAVORITE author in the whole world but since she was already taken, Alena went for Joan of Arc. It was a good choice since she was already studying her in history right now. She wrote a really great report on her life, and confidently read it. We learned that we need to work on slowing down and speaking up but she had a great time.
Jean d'Arc
The other History Fair participants. They were wonderful.

Flash back to February post

Curious and beautiful. Inside and out. My talented Aunt took these pictures. I probably should've archived them with the February post but here they are, I obviously didn't. I liked them too much so they get a whole new flash back to February post. These are from the trip to Dallas for my Papaw's funeral.
"I hab your cam-er-a?"

My Gramma and her children.

My cute brothers catching frogs.

Leading the way for Grandpa.

Love these people.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Swim Meets Part 1

Brig's first swim across the pool for time trials.

He can hardly keep from smiling.

For a treat, they got to go off the high dive.

Cheering on his friend.

 Waiting on the ready bench for their first race.

Happy Boys on the bench, 2nd meet.

The boys helped with the flag before their Merit badge Clinic.

It was pretty cold on that first day.

Getting good at this race thing.

Sam has no fears or reservations about racing.

Alena on the other hand has lots.

Glad she has friends to encourage her.

Youth Activities

Rock Climbing Activity

Temple Trip
I feel so blessed that my family lives in this ward. It's a great group of youth and leaders. So glad Eli can be with them.

Easter Dress Take 2


 This pretty little girl in this pretty little dress is a hand-me-down from Alena, made with love by Grandma.  Sweet Sen wasn't feeling well enough to be at church Easter Sunday so we came home. These are pretty much the only Easter pictures I took(with one exception). Glad I captured her.

Ya, this is the other Easter picture. Not so Eastery but oh so real:)

General Conference Weekend

Sen is Everybody's Favorite Girl

Can you tell these pictures are from my terrible phone camera? Oh well, they're still sweet moments I'd rather not lose. I'm so thankful for a big family. As demanding as it is, I love that they have each other.
Alena's melted crayon art.

Snuggling into a loving brother.

NOT doing math with cuisinaire rods. Nothing like a little brother and sister to give you a good excuse to goof off.

Valentine's Day Flowers from Daddy.

Sen's Workout

Sen wanted to show me her pushups.

And sit-ups

Field Day with Dad

Matt was super-hero Dad and took the kids to this amazing Field Day put on by one of our homeschool organizations.

The look on Brig's face says it all. Thanks to those amazing field day planners.