Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our Mittleiter Garden is growing.

Here it is just in.

The other plot.

Loquat Trees. So excited.

Lemons and Blossoms

Satsuma is blooming!
They're growing up their strings!!!

Cilantro are peeking up!

Flowers. Matt planted all our flowers to see what would actually come up.

Jump on it!

Fun trip for just the little kids!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Memories Past-Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium-Lots of downtown fun, very little actual aquarium:)
That's ok, they do have pigeons.

A ferris wheel Alena has been coveting for months and months.

A carosel for Sennia's first ride:)

Lines to stand in and have lots of "adult entertainment".

A train ride complete with scary jumping shark-Can you tell how happy Alena is that she gets to be daddy's seat mate:)

A bit of fear-factor for those scared of hights.
(LOVE Eli's face!!! He was very brave to even try. Hehehe.
After the first time he was thrilled and rode it several more times.)
Plumb tuckered out. Glad for strong dad.
Buy one get one free days in February. Can't wait until next year.

Sennia's First Easter!

Can you just tell how fun this was!

A chocolate bunny from Gram!

"This is the best holiday ever!"

She wasn't very happy when we put it away for later:(

These pictures make us look like the saddest bunch of munchers on the planet. I assure you it was anything but. Matt's buttering the flatbread that we all enjoyed-Eli made. Alena is the only one who was a little bummed, she didn't want to eat the soup but everyone else loved it! She loved everything else and had plenty to eat and nobody made her eat soup:)

It's been a while.

This has been our life for a little while. Eli and Luke are selling pizzas to raise money for Scout Camp. They are growing weary but they've also done a good job. Now that I know I can load pictures, I'll have to add some more process pictures.
Wrapped and ready to freeze

Oops, burnt the breadsticks, better start again.

All these plus 3 more and 2 bags of breadsticks will be delivered over the weekend.

We've had pizza a lot lately. Several less than stellar crusts had to be eaten for lunch for a few days, and then I made these new favorites-Goat Cheese and Swiss Chard-for Matt today during pizza baking before he left for Dallas.