Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kid's Summer Market

Eli has been working hard for weeks preparing for the
 'Kid's Summer Market'.

There were lots of kid vendors.
This guy has a line of kids waiting because he sold out in the first 20 min. He used sticks and made really great duct tape swords.

Eli made these oragami wreaths out of old math papers. He sold about 6 of them. The other boys helped and they made
Cinnamon-Sugar Whole Wheat Buns.
I love my boy's work ethic. He thinks and tries so hard. They sold quite a few buns. Not bad considering serious competition. I'm glad they were happy and they learned a lot.
 Samuel ran out of money and decided to try and return something he'd bought before I knew about it. It was so embarassing and sad for the girl he'd bought it from. "I don't want this anymore. Can I have my quarter back?"

So much fun

I just thank the Lord every day . . .

That sometimes he sleeps.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A few fun things.

My girls. Alena's way of playing with Sennia is to put her in her little seat and then do whatever around her-tea parties mostly:)

Sammy has a great story behind every lost tooth. This one he got knocked out by his 2 yr old pirate brother. Poor pirate has been lamenting the loss of that sword for a couple of days now. Of course the tooth was a happy event but immediately afterword the sword knocked a picture off the wall and broke it and talk about last straws.

Eli and Luke have been begging me to play a game with them for 2 weeks, every single night! I finally caved. Why not play a game with them? you ask. Well, keep going.

They are absolutely crazy.

It's all I can do to handle their constant goofiness.

Homemade sushi got me through tonight. Phew.