Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day. If you haven't got a parade, make one yourself!

Today was Sennia's first swim. She actually did like it. Not a great picture but the sun was making it tricky.

Isn't she a cutie. This is Claire. The daughter of Matt's work buddy. We had a BBQ with work friends and some friends from church. We decided to not let the older 3 boys swim and just make it a little kid party because the friends from work only have little ones. It was SO NICE to not referee or have fighting. The young kids were all angels. The older boys actually had a great time too because the could just come and get food and then do anything they wanted. They played Timez Attack, Thurn and Taxis and Star Wars Monopoly. Pretty great kids.

You know, I feel mighty lucky. These are such super nice families that Matt works with. They are great parents and spouses and people. It was a lot of fun.

It was a BIG day for Alena. She went down the slide for the very first time. A little peer pressure:) Autumn is her age and was very nervous but she made herself go and Alena watcher her a couple of times and she FINALLY made herself go down! We were so excited for her. She couldn't stop after that-of course.

Luke is a Webelo

We're so proud of Luke's hard work to earn his bear. He loves scouts.

For pack meeting they made and launched these awesome 2-liter bottle rockets. Love this picture of Alena and her friend Aspen. Alena's in the light pink skirt.

Brothers against brothers. Christian is Luke's Scout/Church buddy. His little brother Connor is a friend of Sam's they're each launching their rockets.

Aren't they having so much fun:)?

Swim Team

Pretty handsome isn't he? He may be one of the slowest in the pool still but he's the best looking;) He's improving though. He enjoys it a lot and he just keeps on trying.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sweet, SWEET Sennia

She's getting so big and fun. She loves to talk to people and be outside or around other people. When we go to swim team or church she's alive and excited-provided she's not hungry or tired of course. She sometimes sleeps in her hammock but when she doesn't want to she lets us know by arching her back and trying to get out. We cater to her as much as possible. She is an angel and completely adored.
Sammy came in one morning last week and HAD to have Owl Pellets. He'd been reading a book while falling asleep the night before and he just couldn't breathe until I ordered them. He was willing to pay for them or hold Sennia so I could do it or whatever it took. There is just no stopping that boy when he fire is lit.  So, we had owl pellets 3 days later. Everyone enjoyed disecting them. Samuel read every detail and instructed everyone how it should be done. His system was much, MUCH better than the online instructions I got from the vendor. He also spent 2 days on them whereas everyone else only disected for about 3 hrs:)

Or 20 min in Alena's case;)

My Aunt Cheryl came for a visit and brought some science lessons with her. WONDERFUL. My boys got to grow bacteria, check out small organisms from the pond water she brought and read some books she shared with us. Sam is my biology guy. He asked me so many times to please be allowed to color in the Biology coloring text she brought that I finally gave in. He, to his credit, has not only colored, but read the text that goes along with it. I'm telling ya, I just can't stop his wildfire.

Luke's 10

German Chocolate Cake. Mmmmm.

Playing in the rain

My red-headed boy turned 10. He opted for a family party and money. Matt got back from a work "emergency" in time to have cake with us.  Luke loves K'nex and cogs so for his birthday we found a build your own remote controled machine kit. He loves it. His birthday meals of choice were waffle bar, chilli, and hoagies.  He had friends come play all morning and then cake with dad after swim team. We couldn't find him after we put the younger kids to bed, until I realized it was raining hard. When it rains, Luke begs to go out in it. I guess he figured it was his birthday so he could go get soaked without permission:) Of course I was thrilled that he did. He has his own personal style of rain dance. I found out that he doesn't like pictures of it though. oops. Glad he had a great day!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stecher Fun

Sennia is getting to be tons of fun. Her laugh is our treasure.

Sammy gives her tours of the house. Everyone who has heard Sammy talk knows how entertaining his tours are.

Eli made a book. It was a lot of fun learning how.
 I know it looks like I am doing it but I had to thread the needle for him.

Sleeping beauty(bedroom not so beautiful).

pool antics(please notice garden in background)

Samuel couldn't quite jump over it.

nice form eh?

I told Brigham he could NOT participate. He didn't listen. It was very scary.

Great jump!

a mid-day opera

The Clever Wife put on by Opera to Go

Fun at Home

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learning to dive-yes, he is diving and doing a really great job.
And we've had some not so fun things at home too. Leaks, and termites.