Sunday, November 2, 2014

Trip-a day at a time

So let me tell you how much fun it can be!!!! So the first day we drove to Baton Rouge.  Staying at hotels is super fun for my family because we don't have TV so it gives us an opportunity to see what TV viewing is all about.  The boys all like Discovery Chanel and Science Channel and all of us enjoy watching the Food Network and HGTV.  Well, maybe not Sennia, but the rest of us do so that's usually what goes on. We sit and eat dinner and wish we were eating what the bleached hair guy on "Triple D" is eating.  

The next morning before we headed out we enjoyed a very HOT and sweaty trip around the Baton Rouge Zoo.  It's a nice little zoo with very talented Macaws but this pregnant lady was melting.  I didn't have my camera but I did use my phone so maybe I'll get some pictures loaded at some point.

Next day we made it all the way to VA and took the big financial plunge to see Luray Caverns which I'd always wanted to see.
It was worth the investment. I loved it, we all did! This is a picture of the organ set up someone built using the Stalagtites.

There were all kinds of formations down there with some really engaging stories.

You can only get the tiniest glimpse of how amazing these VERY shallow pools of illusion were. It looked like a continuation of the cave formation when it was actually a reflection. It looked really deep but it was just a very still reflection in a couple of inches of water.

Flashback to August-NJ Here we come!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel in a full Suburban for about 4 days?

Or what it's like to have a VERY full hotel room?