Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kitchen Progress

So what do you think about the wall color? The woodwork is getting an off white paint job.

And here you can see the job matt did on the ceiling. There's going to be a pendant light fixture that hangs over the kitchen island at some point and hopefully that will distract from the ceiling patch a little bit more. It's coming along. I just can't decide what I think about this color.


Jump started my first car and got said car fixed w/ 6 kids in tow. Pat pat pat.

Sennia learning all about cars. Thank goodness for brothers who babysit!

My brothers like to take my picture and dress me up(as does my sister but she can't use the camera yet).

Since we're taking it easy while Matt is gone we decided to do something tame like bowling. Brigham tripped with a ball attatched to his finger. Thankfully it wasn't broken!! 

He's obviously miserable;)

So I painted the kitchen and make $30 worth of babyfood to recover.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tennis Lessons

Alena can swing by herself now! Perfect for a little girl with motion issues. She can now go at her own controled pace.

Dressing up

My kids dress-up every day every chance they get. They even have certain persona they take on.
Alena and I made this dress up doll thing for her to design clothing with my scraps. Here she is blanket stitching the two chip boards together.

She drew the girl and I cut out the dress and shoes.

Then she puts fabric scraps and ribbon inbetween to make the clothing. She was so proud of herself for the sewing.
"Mom look what I did to Sennia."

"Mmmmmm. Playmobil."

"Mango, mmmmmm"

The 6 month pictures

So some of these have dates but try not to cheat and see if you can guess who these kids are:) Unfortunately my scanner won't work so 1 child is missing.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Hastings!

Plenty of silliness,

Lots of sweetness,

Serious Scrabble,

and LOTS and LOTS of Swimming!

 What you don't see is the fun food, sleepless nights, dressing up, leap pad time, star wars monopoly, legos, marbles, kitchen ceiling instalation . . . and sometime Cheryl and I even got to talk.

Kitchen Renovation #? I've lost count. Whatever, next step.

So can you see up on the left, the drop down ceiling light box disaster that was here when we moved in?
All Gone:) Recessessed lights and fixture wiring in between-installed!

The Rest of Our Independance Day

Eli's swim coaches decorate the swimmer's cars the night before the Divisional Meet. I forgot to get a picture of it all decorated! RATS! but here's a bit leftover before the big cleaning.

Watching Tomball fireworks with the Lane's!
Glowsticks were the right thing to bring! Thanks Cindy Lane!

I sure love my man. We were so incredibly busy from the second our eyes opened. I know it's a crazy life we lead but he paves the way for so many opportunities and he's almost always game for an adventure. I'm so thankful for his work ethic and his love and devotion to us and even his insatiable desire for a fun time. I was so suprised that Miss Alena was terrified of the fireworks. ??? yep At that point after going through a lot to get there (and I happen to LOVE fireworks) the last thing I wanted to listen to was an inconsolable child. Thankfully, daddy's lap was a safe place. Whew. Alena is so sledom scared of things-other than her make pretend fear of Thunderstorms from watching too much Sound of Music. I'm still not convinced she was sincerely terrified, just isn't her personality but she put on a pretty convincing act so who knows.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1st place Primary child! Yep, Luke rocked the fun run this year.

The whole family ran(myself with our ancient double stroller and 60lbs of children:)) Eli wasn't too far behind Luke, Samuel did awesome, running the whole time, and Alena ran almost the entire thing. She was in flip-flops and tripped but luckily avoided the much-feared skinned-knees. I was pleased as punch. Sennia and Brigham didn't even make a peep. Whew.

Samuel gained a big hole in his mouth either during the race or afterword eating his prize.

Love those patriotic blues!

Matt came in 3rd(our ward is FULL of runners, and bikers)

Nice turnout.

This is Bro. Maclane. He's our dear hometeacher and he is also a war buff. He spends his spare time in reinactments.  He wrote a very beautiful, stirring and touching monologue from the perspective of his 4th great grandfather who came from Scotland and fought for our freedom from Great Britain.

In case you wondered what Santa does for the 4th:)

Listening to Bro. Maclane

She was such a good girl.