Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sennia is 2

This is somewhat out of order but not really and I couldn't wait any longer to post them, I love them so much:) At Samuel's birthday party which I'll get around to blogging soon, our friend Edward shot these of Sennia just for fun. They captured her personality perfectly. That new person in-trepidation, then having fun.


Pinewood Derby Comin' Up!

I never would've guessed that Brigham would have this kind of concentration skill but coloring is his #1 activity. Oft-times it is with a graphite pencil that the entire picture gets colored, 1 tiny part at a time.  Very interesting. Samuel finally convinced him to broaden his palette but he will still go back to that simple grey periodically as fancy strikes him.

Great to be 8!

She's going to be 8!
Along with 9 other little girls and 3 little boys. Oh how I would've loved to have gotten a picture of all of them!

She's finally on Two-wheels!

Matt pretending to hold on because the girl was a pro! A very nervous pro but she didn't even wobble.

And it was that easy. Now just need to teach her to stop:)

Blast to the Past-Visit to Dallas

Our first stop was to visit one of the sweetest women the world has known, My Gramma VanWart. I love seeing her so much and I'm so grateful that my kids got to spend a little time with her and Aunt Patty. It's not something that gets to happen often so it is a very special privilege to me.
This is a super fun picture to me because my two best friends and their families are in this room. I'm so lucky to have been given two friends to grow up with in youth and in adult-dome. Among the 3 of us we now have 16 kids ages 16 down to under a year. Cheryl's bookends. There are 7 girls and 9 boys.

This was probably my favorite part of the trip. Really though I don't know, it was all really amazing to see so many special people I loved. Visiting with Papaw was a truly powerful experience. Luke wasn't as miserable as he looks in the picture, I promise:)
This picture doesn't want to move up where it belongs with Jillene's house but this is Ruby, Alena and Jace. All the same age. 

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Love that laugh.
More leaf collecting.

I sure love that boy. Both of them as a matter of fact:)

My kids had such a great time getting to know Gramma Anderson.  She's such a wonderful woman and I am blessed to come from two very inspiriational Grandmothers.

See, he had a memorable experience, not miserable.

Daddy time was important too.

The relationship between them evoked so much emotion in me. It's something I will never forget. 
We celebrated Sam's birthday with some of my favorite people. Our friends from Law School are like old slippers that fit just right when you try them on again. Their kids are growing up so beautifully. I can't wait to see them again. I wish I'd taken more pictures:(

What I didn't get pictures of was our so so fun and my big boys favorite visit to my cousin Mona's house with their 2nd cousins once removed or something like that and my Aunt Mona and her family and my cousin Gennie.  I'm really feeling the desire to hop in the car and go right back up to all these loved ones as I remember it all!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gingerbread Houses-Almost forgot to post this~

Thank you to everyone we trick-or-treated from. We had such a grand time using all that candy. It was an AAAA_MAZING amount this year and the kids had so much fun melting and sculpting and creating. The recipients of the houses this year seemed sincerely excited to get them. That makes it all worth it.

Best Christmas Ever

We had such a wonderful day. What can I say?

Kids were so so happy with their gifts.

They played with each other all day.

And honestly, they haven't stopped using their new aquisitions and it's been 6 weeks so that's a good sign:)

Daddy knew he had to leave at 3pm to work so he packed in all his fun. Played ping-pong, helped Brigham with his new building kits, played Battleship, and helped make some Pascale Manale's and Catfish Poboy's. Yumm-O~!

Alena's Ballet Demo

Alena's time with Ms. Ana has been wonderful. She's really enjoyed getting to know Alyah (in the purple) too. They had so much fun dancing the Sugar Plum Fairy scene from 'The Nutcracker'. I don't have any pictures from it but I was able to take all the kids to see 'The Nutcracker' this year and it was marvelous. Everybody loved it. So glad we get to have ballet in our lives.