Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sibling envy

"Put this on me so I be baby boy" I don't even like seeing my girls in shiny neon bows. Brigham misses his mommy time. He frequently insists on "my mommy" to take him to the bathroom, put him to bed, feed him etc. Tough to do when I spend so much time nursing but I try because I feel so sad when he does things like throw a tantrum that he never did before Sennia. He doesn't seem to blame his baby sister, mostly he seems to blame the person trying to step in to help. He is starting to say things like "Put Sennia in hers hammock and hold me!" I try my  best to pass the baby on and hold this dear sweet boy who has been my best friend for almost 2 1/2 yrs.

Happy Valentine's Day

Dressed up the Little Darlin'. Love having big helpers.

My only goal for Valentine's Day was to have a party for Alena. Sometimes those kinds of goals are silly. I tried so hard to force that to happen that I don't know if it was as fun for them as something a little more relaxed would've been. I just felt like I had to have it be all Fancy and cute to make her happy. Hopefully it was sucessful, hard to tell.

Eli and Luke went to a party with the homeschool organization but I was afraid to send 3 non-skaters with our friends so Samuel stayed and helped me put on the party.  He had a good time being the cool oldest brother(OAS if you've read the Penderwicks-we love those books).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday, Poopy Sunday

My infants can't seem to just have normal little poops. The poor uncomfortable little things just do it all at once. I thought Sennia seemed unusually content and when I came to check on her swinging away in her hammock this is what I found. Thankfully it hadn't quite leeched onto the hammock yet.

So while I cleaned the many clothes I'd been putting off scrubbing due to the broken dryer situation, she showed me how much she loves the sound of running water by contentedly listening to the washing machine. Nice to know.

Luke's Pinewood Derby

Look at those cars!

Luke's is the silver car on this side.

We discovered what a good sport Luke can be. He didn't really win any of his races(Matt's first pinewood Derby, he has a lot to learn it seems) but he had fun and he also got a prize for 'The Most Geometric'.

Eli's first Boy Scout Awards

So I don't want to make the mistake of failing my family in photos and records even though I barely get a chance to do anything outside of caring for Sennia. We've had plenty going on, much of it having to do with scouts.
Eli received his Tenderfoot and Second Class Scouting Awards plus his Swimming Merit Badge.

His leaders have been superb, on the ball and devoted. Eli loves Scouting. Matt does too and we're blessed that he's been able to be so involved with Eli and Luke in their Scouting.

Brigham enjoyed the award ceremony as much as anyone.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

3 wks with Sennia(almost)

So the first 3 weeks has been HARD, HARD, HARD and well, HARD. That's the only way to talk about it. She is a terrible eater. We've gone through mastitis and refusal to eat. I've used an electric pump for the very first time and attended my first nursing club(which was EXTREMELY HELPFUL). I'm taking Fenegreek(sp?) to boost milk production after the mastitis on each side for the first time. My mom declared her the most difficult baby to nurse she's ever seen. BUT we're doing better.
There is hope on the horizon and it's a good thing because Grandma leaves tomorrow-SCARY!
I am looking for blessings from above to make it through next week.
We've been as proud as all this(Alena cannot wait for mom to allow her to do bows again)

Though i'm afraid there has been a lot of this.

We did finally manage to do a first one of these-Luke captured the 3 sec she wasn't screaming.

Thank goodness for Grandma!

Sweet Repose!

Today she finally has some happyish moments so I took these.

VERY long feet!

Those are some VERY long legs.

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