Sunday, May 26, 2013

Night at the Vintage

A. Dorth and U. Craig come with Gracie to visit.

Fun daddies


Cute, cute girl!

Swim Meet #2

Eli's first of the season

Soooo happy she can use her board. She got to compete a lot more.


Eli and Luke were the only ones in their heat. Can you tell we're not a backstroke family. Oh wait, except Alena. She loves backstroke. Surprise, surprise.

Poor guy lost his goggles on his dive. He came within 1/10th of a second of 3rd on his butterfly even with the loss. 

Alena's Ballet Demo

Alena's Ballet Teacher

Alena and Hannah doing their dance.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Everyone's First Competition

Alena is all social and friendly. Sam, pretty serious. He didn't want casual pictures.

So proud of Luke for doing a hard thing. Eli wasn't here, he was at a campout so it really was a super hard thing. He's growing up. Thank goodness!

Pretty good at breaststroke. Didn't even get DQ'd.

Oh Miss. Alena. She's looking pretty happy. She refused to do freestyle but at least she likes backstroke. "Oh wait that's right, it's because she uses her kickboard. Not much fight in this one. Too much sugar.

Happily coming in WAY last. Love her..

Sammy rocks backstroke. He has a start delay problem, he expects it to be something besides a buzzer. He still came in way, way first. Yea Sam.

Getting ready to 'fly.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

San Jacinto and Bro. McLane

San Jacinto Monument and reflecting pool.

Our wonderful home teacher Bro. McLane

Brighams' favorite person "The Santa Guy" (Santa Anna)

At the very crowded museum

The bird of prey demo.

The parade before the battle re-enactment.

Santa Anna is captured.