Sunday, January 30, 2011

A good decision

sand and snow

tracks running into forever

long shadows and longing

new discoveries

too many treasures

so glad we decided to go and say good-bye

Friday, January 28, 2011

Daddy's girl

This is Alena during Matt's graduation. Alena has had the most difficult time, hands down, with all of these upheavals that make up more than half of her short life.
She has said things like "Um, I think we need a new dad because ours is never coming back." She isn't a boy and though she and Sam are good friends and she loves playing with Brigham, nobody really "gets her". I wish I could say that I was her best friend but I think that her imaginary persona are really where her world lies. Her relationship with Matt has suffered the most by leaps and bounds with Sam next in line. I hope that the Lord in His tender mercy will allow her a quick recovery. Right now, she wants very little to do with Matt. **sniff, sniff**

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I consider this a graduation for every person in this picture. We all gave what we had. We all worked hard. We all succeeded.

It was an experience to remember.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday dear Januaries

This new blog is a birthday gift to my sisters Ashley and Dorothy. Ashley is living in New Zealand and mentioned how much she missed my blog(mostly the pictures of my kids:)). Dorth, the very same day said much the same thing. So here it is, all new, just for you.
My big dilemma is--to go private, or not to go private. Admittedly, I forget to read private blogs. Those that can't come up on google reader have to wait. I also dread censoring my writing but our new occupational lifestyle demands caution. So, for the moment here it all is. In a month it will probably be private.

This is Ashley. We log in so many hours talking. She's a person who understands. She's an amazing mom to 3 incredibly precocious children and a perfectionist husband. They live in my dream world walking to the beach to see what the tide dragged in in New Zealand. I love sharing her life. She and Garrett are generous, thoughtful, and adventurous. They introduce me to their great traditions, recipes, tourist spots, great bits and pieces of life that add piquant! My pennies are growing in a jar so I can make it out to New Zealand soon. Happy Birthday little sister.

And here is my littler sister Dorothy, newly wed. I love hearing about her adventurous life from tales of Belgium to all the old men at the bank who fall instantly in love with her. She's a lively little sprite who captures the heart of every one around her, especially children. My children adore her and she loves them. She's great at working with people. She loves trying new things. She's always up for any spontanious adventure that comes her way. So many thing about Doroth remind me of myself. Happy Birthday to you!